Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Looking to host an event in Port Douglas? Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas offers a myriad of options, from secluded dinners, to large functions.

This advanced eco certified wildlife park is located just 5 minutes from the heart of Port Douglas, but your guests will feel like they have entered a whole new world! From the lush Rainforest Habitat, to the grassy Savannah Habitat, Wildlife Habitat allows guests to explore 5 unique environments and meet the animals that call these areas home.

Feed the wallabies and kangaroos in the Savannah Habitat at dusk, then enjoy welcome drinks as you watch a crocodile presentation starring our giant saltwater crocodiles.

Our large and diverse park can cater to a range of themes, from “Crocodile Dundee” to an “Enchanted Rainforest Evening”.


Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Seats up to 200 people or up to 500 cocktail

Curlew Café

The Courtyard is a beautiful lakeside event location featuring a sandy beach and a picturesque fountain.

After dark, this area comes to life. Enjoy cocktail parties and marquee events with the lit-up fountain as a beautiful backdrop.

This versatile area can cater to an array of events, including corporate and private seated or standing functions. The capacity for the courtyard is 200 for a standing cocktail function or 150 guests for a seated dinner.


Wildlife Habitat is an experience you cannot get anywhere else. Be amazed by wildlife you have never been this close to. Handfeed kangaroos, cuddle a koala, swim with salties, and explore amongst the birds. Love Australian wildlife like you never knew you could. Be the Croc Bait if you dare & swim alongside huge apex predators. Stunning tropical birds soar above you in the reimagined Rainforest; spot the Southern Cassowaries and rare Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroos. Discover creatures of the night in the Nocturnal Habitat and ask about our successful endangered species breeding programs. Explore six expansive natural habitats and ‘find your wild’ with your favourite free roaming wildlife.

Breakfast with The Birds

For over two decades, the renowned Breakfast with The Birds at Curlew Café has been an essential for Far North Queensland visitors in search of a distinctive breakfast experience.

Seated in a banquet-style arrangement within the café’s newly constructed Koala Habitat, guests can relish seasonal culinary delights, including the eggs of the day, tropical antipasto, grilled specialties, baked goods, teas, and coffee. Amidst this culinary experience, guests have the chance to enjoy the company of our wildlife, with the added opportunity to intimately interact with koalas and birds, engaging in conversations with our dedicated keepers passionate about wildlife and conservation. Suitable for 80 people, higher numbers on enquiry only. 

swim with the salties

Swim With The Salties at CrocArena

Are you brave enough? Wildlife Habitat’s adrenaline inducing CrocArena allows you to take the plunge of your life, just centimetres from giant Saltwater Crocodiles. The aptly named Swim with The Salties is the first experience of its kind in Queensland and puts you in the position of the prey, with the region’s most iconic and feared predator in a safe and fun environment. 

Those who wish to see crocodiles at an eye-to-teeth level without stepping foot in the water can brave the crocodile feeding presentation from the unique “croc pit” underwater viewing area. CrocArena will also feature grandstand seating for around 300 people, allowing for clear elevated views of these mighty apex predators demonstrate their sheer power.

Habitat after Dark

Arriving to the sounds of nightlife animals, guests will be welcomed as the sun sets across the Savannah. Mingle with the friendly kangaroos and wallabies who are happy for a pat and to be fed by guests.

A crocodile feeding presentation can be included during which our Wildlife Keepers will demonstrate the sheer power of the Estuarine Crocodile.

A delicious buffet dinner is served at Curlew Café. After dinner, guests can take a nocturnal tour of the Wetlands that includes wildlife interaction. Wildlife photos can also be included and you can add in some live music and even cane toad racing. A night at Wildlife Habitat is a true North Queensland experience.


For more information, please download our factsheet or contact us directly!