Charters & Transportation

Established in 1983, Tropic Wings Cairns Charters stands out as the largest and most enduring chartered coach company in Cairns. A proud 100% locally owned and operated business by The Woodward Family CaPTA Group, Tropic Wings boasts a dedicated team of experienced drivers and staff committed to ensuring a seamless Cairns coach charters experience while exploring the stunning scenery of Far North Queensland. 


Tropic Wings’ modern fleet, featuring top-quality 4 and 5-star vehicles, is all younger than 4 years, with an average fleet age of 18 months. This ensures a contemporary and reliable transportation experience, ranging from 4 to 57 seats. The fleet prioritizes passenger comfort with amenities such as air conditioning, seatbelts, and larger coaches equipped with underneath luggage compartments. Recently, we’ve introduced three brand-new, custom-made 53-seat luxury coaches to enhance our offerings.

100% Commitment

In a noteworthy commitment to sustainability, Tropic Wings plans to introduce a fleet of electric coaches in early 2024. This eco-friendly addition aligns with their dedication to reducing the environmental impact of events and journeys. Tropic Wings embraces green solutions, providing travelers with an even more environmentally conscious transportation option. With Tropic Wings, every tour becomes not just an adventure but a responsible and eco-friendly exploration of the wonders of Far North Queensland.

Event Planning and Customer Service

Tropic Wings stands out with its commitment to excellence in travel services. The company’s highly trained drivers are dedicated to ensuring safe and comfortable journeys, prioritising passenger satisfaction. Our skilled event team are ready to assist in creating memorable experiences. Whether organising local tours with inclusions or helping plan detailed itineraries to various destinations, we are committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. No matter the group’s size, passengers can rely on the outstanding customer service for a personalised and hassle-free journey.