Evening Functions

Explore a versatile event destination catering to small groups as well as bigger groups of up to 1200 guests, providing diverse activities for a memorable experience. From the immersive Under the Southern Cross highlighting Tropical North Queensland to open-air dining, we offer unique settings. With varied event spaces and convenient transportation options, we ensure an unforgettable experience, whether hosting at our primary venue or the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas.

Seats from 100 to 250 people 

Red Carpet in The Rainforest

Experience luxury and cultural immersion at Rainforestation Nature Park. Arrive in Tropic Wings coaches for a traditional Pamagirri welcome, featuring the tones of the didgeridoo and rhythmic clapsticks. At the Koala & Wildlife Park, enjoy beverages and canapes amidst elegantly uplit gum trees. Wildlife keepers offer intimate interactions with koalas, snakes, and lizards.

The night progresses with a spotlight tour of the rainforest aboard WWII Army Ducks. Entertaining guides share tales of flora and fauna, illuminated by spotlights. It’s a journey through nature’s nocturnal wonders, with contained beverages welcome on the tour – cheers!

The adventure concludes at the Outback Restaurant, nestled in tropical gardens adorned with colored lights. Tables feature indigenous-inspired centrepieces, complementing the culinary delights that await. A live band fills the air with rhythmic melodies, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Waiters offer cold beverages as guests reach their tables for a sumptuous dinner, curated to tantalize the senses with regional flavors. The Pamagirri Dance Troupe adds cultural energy to the night, and the grand finale sees the band kicking into high gear, inviting guests to the dance floor. The pulsating rhythms and vibrant ambiance create a jubilant celebration, ensuring every moment is etched into the memories of those at Rainforestation Nature Park.

Caters for 250 to 1200 people 

Under The Southern Cross

Step into an exciting night at our dazzling event! Picture a park transformed into a wonderland with lights and tropical trees, casting a magical spell. Music fills the air, inviting exploration.

Board Tropic Wings coaches with anticipation, receiving a map for delightful experiences guided by Rainforestation’s staff. Enjoy Spotlight Tours on WWII Army Ducks, unraveling the mysteries of the lush surroundings.

Immerse yourself in the rainforest, encountering native animals as keepers share fascinating insights into their lives.

Delve into the cultural tapestry of Pamagirri Aboriginal Experiences, with mesmerising dance and ancient spear throwing. The culinary journey unfolds with themed food stalls scattered across the park—savor Aussie sliders, Asian delights, and wood-fired pizzas. Conclude your gastronomic adventure with locally crafted tropical gelato and divine sorbets.

For refreshing moments, discover bars serving Australian beer, wine, and soft drinks conveniently placed throughout the park. As the evening progresses, follow the lively beat to the main arena, where a vibrant party band takes the stage. The dance floor beckons, providing the perfect space for guests to let loose and showcase their best moves.